A Few of My Favorite Christmas Things

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 What is it that makes a little boy move a lamb figure just so when no one watches? How is it that the sun, while it sets, decides to shine one small ray in just the right path? And, is it possible that all of this went unnoticed until one fateful afternoon?


And, what is it that makes candlelight so magical? A sprig of evergreen? A long ago wedding gift--combined to thrill the senses and cause fighting over who will set the flicker dancing today?


With a too bushy beard and a too skinny arm and yet each year as he is perched, a smile is drawn as the flood of memories--the parties, the friends, the children, the moment he was brought home--is...enjoyed.


It took a week and our kitchen barely survived, but the project was sweet and the hands that prepared it will never be that size again....


But Mommy, "I want to make the mansion."

"Not the darling cottage? The chicken coup? The log cabin?"

"No Mommy, please! The mansion. I want the mansion!"


The bowls of frosting...the pounds of candy...


the waiting...for creative genious.


All worth the time we spent together mixing and sorting and coaxing to dry and hold.




While outside the world was changing.


And, we held our breaths at each new dawn.


Each new detail stole our attention.


And through these doors, we were preparing for a new season. All the while, attempting desperately sometimes, though that always ruined things, to hold fast to the day before us because we knew how fleating, how precariously precious each moment was. While we prepare for tomorrow, we seak out today and steal ourselves ourselves for each memory-moment.


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