Kettle Korn

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We really miss the Farmer's Market in Lake Forest Park. Our weekly supply of hand dipped ice cream bars in trendy flavors like lavender and mandarin and that fabulous kettle korn....what did we ever do before the Farmer's Market came to town. It's also nice how close it is to the grocery store so on our way home, we could buy our vegetables and fruit for the week.  Wait, you didn't think we actually bought our produce at the Farmer's Market did you? Do you know how much those farmers charge for their farm-fresh produce?  No sir! We stick to the ice cream and kettle korn. So...that's what we've been missing: the kettle korn. I guess that's why my husband bought that 45 gallon kettle korn maker. Anyway, we're fixin' (that's how people talk here, I'm trying to fit in), so we're fixin' to make a mother load (no people don't say that here, but that's what it is and I can't think of a better phrase) of kettle korn to share with the whole county. I mean if you can't bring it with you, you might as well make your own right?

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