Learning to Look at Life Differently

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These are our children. One is missing. She flew the coop. It was time. At almost 29, she lives in another state with her dashing prince developing her own fairy tale. The rest of us have made a long and unlikely trek from one coast almost to another, from a small town, surrounded by a big city to a small town surrounded by…well, cows—lots and lots of cows.


There are some horses too, but mostly out here—it’s cows. We’re bucking the trend. We like the cows. Don’t get me wrong. We like to look at them looking at us from the other side of the fence.


We think the baby cows are cute, but the Mama cows. Well. They are big. Really big.

We’re still getting used to the bunny. That red eye kind of freaks some of us out....Jocelyn.


We’re taller than the pigs will ever be and when they arrived they were a lot smaller than a baby cow.


Chickens? Well, honestly…they live up to their name. As long as we stay away from the naked neck chickens which are not chicken at all, but more like Spanish sword fighters (not that I know much about those, but I have watched The Princess Bride, and read the book, so I know something), anyway, as long as we keep naked neck chickens out of the flock—I’m pretty sure I can deal with the chickens,


but when it comes to cows—we’re all pretty thankful for that fence. So out here in a small town that is truly nothing at all like the small town we moved from—the one with the grocery story, two gas stations, the mall, two banks, a couple of gyms, a great bookstore, a church and 3 places that all serve amazing coffee—all within walking distance—we’re learning to look at life a little differently. Actually, we’re just trying to unpack our boxes and keep from starving to death, but still—that’s different.  Come along with us and discover a world you thought only existed in movies—unless of course, you grew up in a small town like this and then I beg you, I implore you to come along with me. Because honestly, I think there is much--so very much that I need to learn from you.

Singing in the rain.

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