The Art of the Incomplete

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I know the Good Book sings the virtues of counting the cost before beginning an endeavor--but I do wonder about the lack of interest in the Gingerbread House that first Advent Season. If there had been a Martha Stewart of Bethlehem, I tend to think there may have been a disclaimer--a loophole of sorts--for us early Advent Season enthusiasts.  For once the well of possibilites is truly mined from a mound of confections--then the eyes are forever diverted away from the end goal. But at this moment, the project is not over, it has only begun.  And, if Advent were 4 months and not merely 4 weeks, then perhaps, just maybe...we could finish. Here is our story...

It was a cold and snowy day


And, yes, we have become UK fans. It was the only way to survive to 2012.

The whole day was ahead of us and it was time for the Confection Creations.


We had big dreams and this led to even bigger homesteads...made of gingerbread


And, because it took so long to bake the homesteads from scratch...they set to work making furniture for inside the not-so-humble abodes.


That's when the littlest one discovered that malt balls cut in half looked like bowls of soup. Then waffer candies became plates and chairs and the table was set. Is the outside of the house really so important? 


The front door to welcome guests is really where the details should stand out.


And, a colorful rooftop with a sprinkling of snow is just right for attracting a sleighful of goodies and 8 little raindeer.

In the end, there was no end. One house never did really get the finishing touch of a roof, but that just made seeing the furniture inside that much easier


Finishing a project such as this is all in the eyes of the beholder and the holder of the pocketbook which had emptied of its ability to poor forth more cash for candy. But the product, while not having an end, was truly festive, fun, creative and worth the effort.






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