The Three Little Pigs

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 "I don't care that they ran away," I told my husband as we passed barn, "Those pigs were ugly."  


He looked at me like he usually does when I say such things and announced, "All pigs are ugly."  But I was unaffected, "No...Wilbur was darling."  Again...the look, "Wilbur was not a pig and why would you rely on a spider's opinion?"  Oh. Good point. "Okay, then Babe." He didn't even glance in my direction, "Babe is a cartoon character."   "Miss Piggy then!"


I was onto something. "She was adorable...and quite fashionable." At this point, my husband threw up his hands, "Look! If it talks, it's not a pig....okay?" Sigh. "But," he went on, "I'm not that sad that our first 3 pigs ran away; I was a little worried about that one blind one.


I though he might not be able to find his way around the circle." Now I gave the look. "We bought a blind pig? I thought you knew all about pigs?!"   Well! I guess they saw us coming. The dumb city folk who think pigs are at their best when they talk and wear pearls.

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