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 These windows were found one day years ago as my friend, Heidi, and I traveled back from a trip to a far away place where the most special kind of.... junk.... can be found--junk worthy of a long, long trek. I have no idea what we found when we finally made it to the mecca that called us--althought I do remember being mildly disappointed--but these doors made it all worthwhile--actually, they set things right in the world again.




We had seen the "estate sale signs" a mile before and trying to find some treasure to make our long trip seem more worthwhile--we reluctantly, took the chance.  When I saw them--I knew they'd be perfect for my beachy house in Seattle. Mild dilemma that I was currently in Kentucky. I knew they'd fit in one of the compartments of the RV. The price tag was so low--it was insignificant--in that we were in the middle of nowhere'sville and at a garage sale, sans garage.  My husband's irritation was something to consider--but I knew they'd be perfect--definitely worth the ensuing squabble about carting junk around the country.  They sat in a damp basement workshop for 4 years before being returned to Kentucky.




My husband was his usual stoic-self when it comes to these things. Kind of cracks me up that we've carried this piggy bank from his childhood all around the country--one of his few treasures that he insists on keeping--it suits him. The serene bear--part teddy, part grizzly--as cuddly as, well, sorry, but.... a metal statue.  :) This is pretty much in line with how he dealt with the transport of the oh-so-perfect, must-move doors.






Last night, Heidi rescue the doors once again. I love that woman.  Then she helped me re-arrange all of this stuff around them, because...let's face it: surrounding every great center piece is a lot of fluff--really annoying to deal with fluff, almost-impossible-to-make just-right, fluff--but necessary fluff, absolutely necessary, nonetheless.






And the room became the oasis that every master bedroom should be.


Because it's always about more than just the bed.


It's about being warm and cozy when outside is anything but that.


And knowing that inside this door...


there is always time for friends--


especially when they come to make all things right.... once again.

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