Faith Like a Child

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It’s a scene that could be re-lived every day at any moment in history, but its significance in that moment in that time with that person and those particular followers—well, it does not go unnoticed and that is why we see it in the stories that Matthew compiled. When the adults are shooing them away and he stops them. And you can see how irritated they are. Because they are the adults and they have important things to talk about. Things that can’t wait because there is nothing as important—nothing so urgent as being an adult and being just a step away from ruling the world. And in that most gripping of moments—the foolish, playful, bouncy children want to come in and be held and cuddled and spoken to  by the Creator of the World. The adults shudder, roll their eyes, cross their arms. They look. The children freeze. They are ready. They know the drill. They linger, wanting more….time. The adults direct. The children withdraw heads down. He speaks. The adults suck in their breath. The children run and jump and relish the moment. He explains: this is faith. This is life. Live it fully. Relish the moment.

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