The Journey

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One's journey is a personal endeavor in that it is unique to that one. However, the path that the traveler takes is repeatedly altered and affected and even manipulated by countless others, innumerable external forces and the influences of untold fragments of thoughts, lines of reason and moments of epiphany.  For years I kept my own life's walk exclusive--for me only--until I learned one day how the sharing of one's story can be an incredible gift--can open locked places, release ugliness and allow Beauty in, and can in turn transform the journey of another. In this way, life has become an incredible adventure. The more I share my journey with others, the more I embrace it fully myself. In the embracing, I have learned to celebrate it. The celebrating of the journey makes the most mundane walk become a life-giving adventure.  This blog is my story and my hope in the sharing of it is that Life will be ignited all over again.  If that Life is ignited in you, then thanks be to the Creator.

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