An Easy Southern Treat

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 My friend, Heidi Crouse, told me about this one day while we were on the way home from Christmas shopping. Later that week when I was out at the Shell Station for my emergency supply of artificial sugar and caffeine (the Diet Coke I refuse to buy at the grocery store because "I don't drink it"), I saw them--the key ingedient--Rollos, sitting there on the special Christmas candy table. (Yes, there is always a special Christmas candy table at our Shell Station and yes, there is nothing actually, "special" about the candy that rests upon it.) It was a sign. With a liter of the bad stuff, a bag of pretzels and a roll of...well, Rollos, I was off. It is important to note here, that I always have huge bags of pecans on hand from Costco. It's just important to have pecans ready at a moment's notice when you live in the South. 



The three key ingredients needed for this scrumptious little afternoon pick-me-up. 


CJ wanted me to take a picture of the window so that you really knew that it was the afternoon. These little bite-lets are NOT dessert--oh, no! They are most definitely meant to be for the waning hours of the afternoon.


Put a Rollo on each pretzel.  I was very meticulous about how I placed the pretzels--salt-side-down, people, SALT-SIDE-DOWN. When you put these little bits of scrumpdiliousness in your mouth--you want to have the salt side hit your tongue first and foremost. When they are all nicely arranged, carefully slide them into a 200 degree oven for just 8 minutes.

Then..., while they are not yet fully OUT, carefully press a full pecan into each one.


 Unless, of course, you have children and they are not yet fully Southern and therefore have not acquired the required Southern taste for pecans.


They will freak out when you take out the gigantic Costco bag of pecans from the freezer--so you should be prepared. Your little concoction will be modified as they rush to place a pretzel in place of the nut. And, unbelievably...they won't even stop to make sure that the salt side is up where it will be most accessible to the taste buds. But they will lick their chops anyway and sing your praises and you will be Queen of the Afternoon and just maybe all your efforts will make up for the fact that you have no idea--no idea at all--what to make for dinner.

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