Breakfasts Like Christmas Morning Every Day

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Our family has always loved to eat breakfast. It probably started with me. I don’t love dinner very much. I do love breakfast. Somewhere along the line, my children picked up this habit from me. We labor over breakfast. Seriously. Our breakfasts are like Christmas morning every day.  But maybe that’s just me too. When I was a kid I started making special breakfasts on Christmas morning. Since we were all up at 4am—what else were we going to do at 4:14 when all the gifts were open? Okay. Well, yes, there is that. The rest of the family went back to sleep—I made breakfast. At 42 I started making breakfasts for a living. You’d think this would rob me of the joy. You’d think. Instead, I’ve just grown all the more passionate about breakfast. Like the fact that it should be presented in the most elegant manner. There should be placemats. Yes. Special goblets for the juice and delicate and dreamy cups for the fresh coffee. Mmm. And don’t forget the utensils. They should be placed just so and weighty in the hand. Oh. Finally, there should always be the element of surprise and the feeling of much special treatment given. If you’d like breakfast to be a special part of your family’s routine, watch here for recipes from the Howland Family and from The Ashley Inn. Stay awake with me and watch the day unfold in the most sublime manner.

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