Kettle Korn

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Every Sunday in Lake Forest Park, we did our weekly shopping at the Farmer's Market. Well, actually, at the market we bought kettle corn and homemade ice cream bars. One of the best things about our Farmer's Market was that you had to walk right passed the grocery store on the way which enabled us to pick up our produce for the week. You didn't think we paid triple for our produce did you? No way! We went to the Farmer's Market for some good old fashioned wholesome corn--popped and covered with oil and sugar.

So, here's how to do it: 

Get a 45 gallon kettle corn kettle

Pour in about 4 cups of oil and one Costco-sized container of pop corn.

Then after it's popped, put in 8 cups of sugar and stir really fast.

Enjoy, but do bag up lots and lots of it to give away as gifts and to sell on the side of the road otherwise your tummy really starts to hurt.


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