No ugly ducklings here....

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The petting zoo needed something else. Well....actually, at this point--there was nothing in there at all, so maybe it's more correct to say that the petting farm needed something. Crazy farmer Matt was thinking baby chicks would do the trick, but I didn't think chickens were quite special enough. How about ducks? Three weeks later they arrived--all 12 of them, full of personality and in a box just big enough for a pair of shoes. The cramped quarters evidently caused some problems:stay_on_your_own_side_of_the_box.jpg 

I feel like I'm on a road trip with my kids in the backseat. "Stay on your own side of the box!"


Can a duckling get some shut eye around here?


Seriously? We have that many more hours in this box?!


Why can't we have a nice box like those chickens over there?


There's gotta be a way out of this hen pen.


I need some lunch and I need it now!

However, In every box, or car or whatever loony bin you happen to be in--there always seems to be one who is sweet and kind and melts your heart with those big eyes.


I don't care how long it takes as long as I'm here with you.

Wait....maybe the metaphor doesn't work because I've actually never heard those words spoken by any of my children or the children of my friends. Well, maybe that's why I wanted ducks--they're different. Sometimes different is not so bad afterall.

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