The House that Matt built

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 Remember the pigs? The ones that ran away? If you haven't read that story yet, you can find it in the Family section, the story appropriately named, Three LIttle Pigs. Here's the latest: They came back! Even the blind one. Did you know that pigs are more intelligent than dogs? Yes! Crazy, I know. So, the pigs went out into the wide, wide world to make their fortunes. Actually, I think they just ventured into the nearby woods where apparently there is NO big, bad wolf afterall because they came home! Almost 24 hours later, we found them in the barn happily chewing their cud.

Pig_eating_corn.jpgAre cud and corn the same thing?  

Coco really likes to play with the pigs. The feeling is not mutual.

But once they were home, we realized that they really needed a more familiar evironment. But what does a pig's house look like? Of course! We knew just the thing.  So, Crazy Farmer Matt began to build.


The thing is that building a pig's house is not the same thing as building a house for people. A little creativity is required.


Each patch of the house is sewn on one-by-one. As a helper brings the building material, the Crazy Farmer sews it into place with? got it...bailing twine.


It is important to keep the necessary building equipment close-at-hand.


Every detail has to be done just right or the pigs may not like their new home and you never really can feel safe about the woods and potential wolves when it comes to your pigs--especially when one can't, well...see. That just seems like easy bacon, if you know what I mean.



I bet you never thought that building a pig's house would take such strength!



The pigs are wondering if their home is ready. They are tired and need a place to watch TV. (I know how could I say such terrible things about such truly adorable animals: again see The Three Pigs story under Family).


Crazy Farm Matt is almost done. The pigs can finally come home.




There they are--real houses for real pigs. Why did I ever think that pigs would be content in a barn?  These are the kinds of houses that really attract pigs. At least that's what all my experience with pigs has told me.

PS. If you're wondering about that blue house--we need some more workers and some ideas about how to attach sticks to a house.....

And...if you are wondering what all of this is about--then you'll just have to stick with me. Get it? Stick? As in stick house? Ahhhh. I know what you're thinking. I've only been here 6 weeks and it's already been too long. Far too long. 


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